How did eRecruitment Hub start?


Hear in his own words how Mark Taylor, Founder and CEO of eRecruitment Hub, set the company up:

“We’d been running eSales Hub for about a year when we started to see companies pause their activity with us. Not because the sales lead we produced were rubbish, but because they needed more staff to cope with the increase in new customer we were providing our clients.”

“As a by-product of our sales lead generation activity, we’d drive the odd job application, but suddenly we had a couple of clients that needed our help. But they didn’t just need more applications, they needed better quality applications so they could find good candidates that they could hire.”

And then it suddenly hit me; how about if we re-purposed our sales tracking tool to be able to take pay role data, so we could track the source of the application, right through to hire, so we could determine the best sources of applications that provided candidates with the greatest hire ratio and create a better applicant tracking system.”

“I started researching the idea and found that several of our clients knew they were generating applications, but didn’t always know which source of application actually provided the most hires. For some clients, they had a bit of an idea, but the process to track the candidate application to hire was slow and often a manual process. If we could provide clients with applicant tracking data in real-time that provided insight into which sources worked, even down to individual job boards and different job types, we’d be able to provide clients with the data for them to optimise their recruitment campaigns through a more effective applicant tracking tool, so the right budget was spend with the right channel.”

“Then came the game changer – Google launched Google for Jobs. For sales leads, we put our focus on local search as its almost 50% of searches and Googles fastest growing search category. Local search is powered by code, and guess what? Google was launching Google for Jobs, which was also powered by code. We could now provide clients with the technical know-how to get their jobs rankings within Google’s own job search function by coding and hosting their recruitment pages.”

“After two successful years generating sales lead with eSales Hub, the time was right to launch eRecruitment Hub.”

“I didn’t just want to generate applications for businesses big and small, I wanted to do it in a very transparent way so that the success, or failure, could be monitored and rewarded. The more I looked at the reporting available for online recruitment, the more I realised there was no one company that could an applicant tracking system that could report right down to the candidate being hired for better source tracking and optimisation of recruitment budgets.”

“The icing on the cake came in July 2018 when we were recognised by Google as being a fast growing business. With a bit of extra guidance from Google we launched our 2.0 platform to enable clients to better track their hires whilst inserting this hire data back into Google for greater optimisation and applicant tracking.”

“Today we are trusted by FTSE-500, DAX-500, FTSE MIB-500 companies to host career pages and track applicants right through to hire for greater recruitment optimisation.”